Launching a home care service with a difference, focusing on its USP

Designing the identity and communication of a home care service by underlining its differentiators as compared to its perceived competition

Fortius Facilities Pvt. Ltd., is a reputed name in the field of facility management in Pune and has been associated with many industry bigwigs. With its excellent reputation in B2B facility management, the brand planned to enter the home care segment in residential segment, which is relatively unorganised. The brand name for this segment was coined as Ezydo. At Setu, the objective was two-staged. Firstly, we had to create an identity for Ezydo that would resonate with the audience and then go ahead and craft the communication for the brand.

While designing the corporate identity for Ezydo, we tried to capture the essence of the brand name in the logo unit. The sense of ease that the brand name brings with it, along with the wide range of home care and home upkeep services it provides, had to be at the heart of the identity. Going through the popular references, we reconnected with the popular ‘genie’s lamp’ – a symbol of the ultimate solution provider. The magic lamp captured the ease with which Ezydo functions and the variety of solutions it offers. The unit also carries the brand positioning ‘made for you’, which showcases the ‘always at your service’ motto of Ezydo.

The communication design for Ezydo centered around the basic business differentiator. While the popular market players offer an ‘aggregator’ model, Ezydo serves the people through its own professional trained staff. This means the Ezydo takes complete responsibility of its people and the quality of work done by them. Juxtaposing this fact against the prevalent market weaknesses of lack of credibility and trust, a dramatic visual compared the Ezydo personality with the not-so-reliable individual service providers. The line “Risk kyun lena, ezydo hai na”, perfectly summed up the communication. This blend of simple message packed with dramatic visuals got brand Ezydo tremendous response in the pre-Diwali period.

image of ezydo corporate identity
Ezydo - Identity
Ezydo - Identity