Put simply, design is strategy made visible and at Setu, it is the essence of whatever we do. Our team of designers generate path-breaking ideas to break through, transform and create an impact through timeless, iconic designs. As brand experts, it is our duty to develop designs for a brand that can create a personal relationship for the brand with every member of its desired audience.

  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design

Identity Design

At Setu, we help organisations develop their brand identities, which is a comprehensible articulation of their unique brand values, personality traits, and aspiration. To design these identities, we borrow the process from India’s rich philosophical concept known as ‘Pratyarth Pratik’, which literally means ‘before the image comes the realisation’. These identities enable the organisations to create a well-defined position that connects with their customers, helping them grow their business.

Packaging Design

A product is the first real touch point for a consumer and it is also the first moment of truth. We endeavour it to be as truthful as possible. Our design team, designs clutter-breaking packaging with an expression of the brand that is safely slipped into the hands, minds and hearts of the consumers.

Case Studies

  • Happy Scoops Packaging
    Strategy | Identity Design | Packaging Design
  • Pandit Javdekar Identity
    Identity Design | Stationary Design | Advertising
  • PKM Packaging
    Strategy | Photography | Packaging Design

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