At Setu, we believe that brands have a purpose and a capability to transform the society. In fact, by thinking and going beyond advertising and brand prepositions, we believe that all brands should talk like humans to humans. With this understanding, the thinktank at Setu deploys a methodical, research-driven, humanistic, and problem-solving approach for every brand that it works on. This deep-dive approach is an effective way to uncover insights of a brand’s current status; and then decide where it should head in the future.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Go To Market
  • Brand Architecture

Brand positioning

Brand positioning or re-positioning is a well-honed craft for us at Setu. With the right tools like brand audits, market analytics, competition skyline, and abductive reasoning to support it, we develop a holistic view to envision the brand’s positioning. This ensures that the brand’s differentiators are identified and utilised appropriately, to give it a sustainable edge.

Go to market

Our work helps in creating brands that are sustainable, simple, and easily acceptable by the people. Setu helps you in creating robust strategies for your brand; from conceiving to shaping the brand, to make it market ready. Our knowledge, from working extensively on various verticals, and using various methods like market mapping & trend mapping, empowers us to devise the right strategy to launch and sustain your brand in the market.

Brand architecture

Brands with the right architecture have an edge in the market. The architecture provides the required clarity to its customers. At Setu, we deploy our expertise in brand audit and parallel domain brand audits to evolve an architecture for your brand that is agile, sustainable and future proof.

Case Studies

  • Jaihind Store Launch
    Advertising | Digital | Brand Activation
  • Sakal Khara Punekar
    Advertising | Design | Brand Activation
  • International super kite festival 2015
    Identity Design | Advertising

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