Suhana Ambari TVC

Simplicity that celebrated the common ingredient of kitchens across Maharashtra

The legacy and presence of a regional spices brand that was crafted and conveyed effectively, using a simple cultural connect.

Suhana Ambari is the spices brand that initiated the journey of brand Suhana. For more than 60 years, Ambari spices have been a part of Maharashtra’s food culture and are trusted by homemakers across the state. While the brand and its products, are leaders in market share as well as in heart space, it was time to communicate this fact to the people and connect with brand loyalists across generations.

At Setu, we decided to transform this brand communication into a celebration of the bond shared by Ambari and the food culture of Maharashtra, its products, its tastes, and most importantly, its extensive presence across the region. Market figures showed that Ambari is the number 1 choice of Maharashtrian homemakers. We captured this fact through a simple linguistic phrase ‘Gharoghari Ambari’ (Ambari in every home). Instead of bragging about the figures, the message was transformed into a warm heart-to-heart connect between Ambari and the homes of Maharashtra.

With a simple, crisp and impactful message in place, we decided to package the message in a form that would not just appeal to the primary TG of housewives, but across age groups. A jingle that captured the essence of ‘Gharogahri Ambari’ while paying a tribute to the variety of tastes of Maharashtra was written and recorded in the voices of Awdhoot Gupte and Shalmali Kholgade. The TVC aimed to showcase the idea of celebrating Ambari’s presence in homes across Maharashtra. To achieve this objective, the TVC had a star-studded cast of Sukanya Mone, Vandana Gupte, Mukta Barve, Prarthana Behre, Saylee Sanjeev, and Awdhoot Gupte. The TVC showcased the various aspects of Ambari’s presence across generations and across homes.

It was extensively appreciated by people across Maharashtra. As the brand presented itself in this form for the first time, it earned greater visibility. The message reaffirmed the heart space owned by Ambari.

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