Vascon GoodLife Launch

Reassuring the buyers from affordable housing segment with a promise of good life

A reason-driven communication of an affordable housing project that gave the home buyers a substantial reason to believe and act.

Vascon, one of Pune’s leading names in real estate, decided to venture into affordable housing segment with its first-ever value homes project at Katvi-Talegaon, Pune. While the homes offered the prospective home buyers to own a home with one of the most reliable names in real estate, the prevalent mood in the affordable housing segment wasn’t upbeat enough due to various market reasons. The challenge was to launch a project in this market scenario. At Setu, we were tasked with developing the identity for the value homes project and designing its communication.

As a first step, we decided to craft a name and identity for the product, which was unique for the segment, in terms of its promise to the buyers. The project name was finalised as Goodlife – a simple name that brought together two easily understandable words- good and life. The name itself created a positive reason to believe for the prospective home buyers with its warm, reassuring nature. The identity of the project stayed true to these values and added vibrancy to the overall project appeal.

For the communication, the primary challenge was to overcome the unfavourable market scenario and inspire the prospective buyer to take a decision. This needed a campaign tone that evoked a positive decision-making emotion in them. At Setu, we crafted a line as the central communication thought which captured all of this – Abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi! This clarion call was captured in an aggressive yet assured manner in the print, outdoor and television commercials. The television commercials were used in short bursts (10- and 20-seconders) in primetime slots on all leading Marathi GECs. On the other hand, the radio communication had a jingle, which just generated enquiries through curiosity.

Additionally, a full-fledged digital campaign accompanied the mainline communication. In fact, the digital campaign targeted two sets of buyers – end users and investors – through two separate campaigns. With high visibility, Vascon Goodlife reached out far and wide on the internet to prospective buyers. Google and other Social Media channels were used effectively for the same.

The launch of Vascon Goodlife met with tremendous success. Even though, it was Vascon’s first-ever project in value homes, it received exceptional response from the home buyers. The reassuring communication reinforced the promise of a Goodlife for many people.

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