Kolte Patil, Atmos

Kolte Patil, Pune’s most trusted real estate developer approached us for launching one of their upcoming projects with 2 & 3 BHK Home offerings at Life Republic near Hinjawadi. Now Hinjawadi is a cluttered real estate market in Pune with multiple homes on offer. With so much ongoing buzz, it is difficult to penetrate this market without standing out. So the most obvious choice was to create a campaign that silences the chaos. But instead, we chose to stand out by adding to the noise and creating a creative pandemic called “THE YELLOW FEVER”.

By launching Atmos, Pune's first-ever 2 & 3 BHK Swag Homes, we not only painted the whole city in a vibrant yellow but also gave the people a trend to binge on by creating a hashtag called “#LiveTheSwag”. Owing to this thought, the messaging was also crafted in a way to evaluate the vibe for the entire campaign with use of many slang words, GenZ lingos and social media references.

With over 60+ Hoarding at various locations in Pune, 169+ WhatsApp creatives, multiple print ads, catchy radio spots and a cool signature tune, we made real estate feel young, celebratory and approachable! Along with that the extensive marketing campaign also included some innovative marketing techniques such as Weekend Flash Mobs at Pune's most populated shopping malls, and a very well-integrated Allotment Day Celebration with an MC, Popcorn, Project Merchandise such as t-shirts, lapel pins and more.

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Strategy + Communication
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