Skyi Developers - 5 Maidan

5 Maidan by SKYi, is a prestigious collection of four-bedroom residences nestled in the heart of Baner, along Pancard Club Road. Adjacent to the serene Baner Tekdi hills, this development adds an air of enchantment and subtle grandeur while harmoniously blending with its picturesque surroundings.

The campaign for 5 Maidan by Skyi was a thought-provoking masterpiece, urging the audience to contemplate life's true priorities. Packaged as a clean and minimalistic design, with the number '5' at its core, the campaign is effortless. Our teaser stood out amid the bustling streets of West Pune. This unique approach not only garnered attention but also generated curiosity for the project.

The results were nothing short of exceptional. Within a mere 30 days, SKYi achieved a remarkable feat of selling over 120 apartments, setting a new record and further solidifying their reputation for excellence in the real estate industry. 5 Maidan by SKYi thus, undeniably redefined the Baner skyline, left an indelible mark on the real estate landscape, while striking unforgettable conversations with the buyers.

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Highlighting the farms, the farmers and their smiles
Strategy + Communication
Bringing home a new member in Marathi households