VJ Yashwin Urbo Centro

As the strategic advertising partner for Vilas Javdekar Developers, our collaboration has not only been pivotal in supporting their marketing endeavors but also in deepening their understanding of their customers. Recently, we undertook the launch of Yashwin Urbo Centro, a real estate project at Wakad, where the competition is immense and it’s difficult to give the home buyers a definitive reason to make decision making easier.

Traditional real estate brochures often lack authenticity, with developers frequently providing skewed information and selective details. They don’t facilitate wise home buying decisions, in spite of being the most preferred and popular source of information about the project. We translated VJ’s commitment to transparency through a unique brochure design for Yashwin Urbo Centro that offered truly comprehensive information. A regular, taken-for-granted touchpoint was transformed into something truly meaningful.

1. The brochure was crafted in a broadsheet (newspaper) format, ensuring every detail was presented.
2. The language used was both aspirational and factual, avoiding unnecessary embellishments. Each spread of the broadsheet focused on a specific aspect or space within the project.
3. The design was simplistic, offering a comprehensive view of each element.
4. This approach made the brochure easily consumable and comprehensible.

The brochure became the pivotal touchpoint that instilled confidence in all stakeholders. The results were outstanding - the entire project's inventory was sold out within a mere two hours, with eager customers awaiting the launch of subsequent project phases. Our understanding of the importance of touchpoints in real estate and then creating a unique project brochure, resulted in extraordinary success for VJ.

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